Six videos have been added to our 2008 video section

Thank you to Teams 8 and 1425 for choosing us for an alliance. We made it to the Quarter Finals.
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We won Best Website in Las Vegas!
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Ranked 3-3 on friday, not too bad

Complete overhaul on Thursday in Las Vegas

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We have left for Las Vegas with high hopes

End of the San Diego regional we were 49/49

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Problems on Thursday at San Diego
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Three New Videos added on our 2008 video page

Chairmans Award was finished and submitted
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Woody Flowers Award was finished and submitted
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Robot at 95% Done just in time for ship
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Scrimmage at Madison High Team 1266
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Website is done, our webdesigners worked hard and finished before the deadline
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Chassis and Drive train done!
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We started the programming today for hybrid mode
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Drive train Assembly
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Manipulator Idea #3 Official Design
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Manipulator Idea #2
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Chassis Assembly
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Electrical/pneumatic box Done
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Early stage of the Official Arm
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Electrical/pneumatic box taking shape
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Arm Prototype Done
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Early Fabrication of our electrical/pneumatic box
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We started Mocking up our arm design.
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