Team 1527

      Our team, The Bionic Battalion, is comprised of 3 main crews both headed by a leader that passes out the work accordingly to all of the people in the said group. The 3 crews are Computer Team (which handles the programming, electrical, and all other computer jobs), Build Team (which deals with building and fabrication of the robot), and the Administration (who fill out all proper forms, writes all the awards, and ensures deadlines are met). The President oversees everything that goes on in the team. The leader of the Computer Team is the head programmer who helps write code with the aid of his partners and debugs the code before it even reaches the robot. The Master Mechanic is the leader of the Build Team, who ensures that all work is distributed throughout his understudies to get accomplished. He also keeps track of all the tools and checks them out to other team members as needed. The Administration Committee keeps all records, writes grants, writes the chairman’s award, and deals with public relations. We have about 10 to 12 active members. We are a diverse team with students from many different cultural backgrounds and work well as a team.
      We are a fourth year team. Our team motto is "Any attempt is a Victory" and we stick by that rigorously. Our team director, Gary Jibben (6 years involved in FIRST), has taught us about the FIRST philosophy (Gracious Professionalism), and emphasizes it in everything we do. One of our mentors, Cameron Dennis, was a student on the team 4 years ago (our rookie year) and loved the program so much he came back the last 3 to mentor and has impacted the program in a tremendous way. This year we shall be attending the San Diego Regional and the Las Vegas regional in hope to attain the honor of participating in the Championship regional in Atlanta, Georgia.